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DreamFect Stem Results


1/DreamFectTM Stem transfection efficiency on different stem cells






 Adherent stem cells (MSC, AdSC, AFSC) were transfected with 0.5 μg of pVectOZ-GFP plasmid DNA and 1,5 μL of DreamFect™ Stem per well in a 24-well plate. Transfection efficiency was assessed by fluorescence microscopy 48h post transfection (Magnification x 200).



2/ DreamFectTM Stem minimizes toxicity




Human mesenchymal stem cells were transfected with 0.5 μg of pVectOZ-GFP plasmid DNA and 1.5 μL of DreamFectTM Stem or with competitor's reagent according to manufacturer's manuals. 24 hours post-transfection, % of living cells was analyzed by MTT assay.







  3/DreamFectTM Stem does not affect the differenciation potential

 Human mesenchymal stem cells transfected with DreamFectTM Stem retain their potential to differentiate into osteoblasts when cultured in osteogenic differentiation medium.


Two days after transfection with DreamFect™ Stem, MSC were stimulated using an osteogenic medium; and 18 days after stimulation, the cells were analyzed using alizarin red staining. Bright-field microscopy images of the transfected nonstimulated (A) and stimulated (B) MSCs 20 days after tr

ansfection (Magnification x 40).







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